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Capital Allowances and AIA

Client is self employed and works under CIS. On 19.03.11 client bought a van for £2,990 to be used for work purposes only. He also has a car that he only uses for personal use. He has never claimed any capital allowances before 2010-11 so there was nothing to be sold and come out of the pool.

The previous accountant claimed £187 General pool CA and £164 AIA (for a drill) in 2010-11.

Any thoughts please on the accountant not claiming £2,900 AIA for the van?

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Basis period mismatch or low profits or mileage allowance

David Massey |

The clients year end is 5th

accountslady |


accountslady |

Have you asked?

Chris Smail |
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Why don't ....


I have asked the previous

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