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Capital Gains Tax on shares abroad


I live in the UK at the moment and I am UK citizen. However, I will be moving to Germany fairly soon to live and work there for several years.

I have some shares in the UK that I might decide to sell.

I would like to understand what would be the consequence if I decide to sell my shares before or after my relocation.

If I sell them before, whom do I need to pay CGT - to the UK's HMRC office (by Jan 2014 - although I will be living outside of the UK for more than a year at that point), or to Germany's tax office since I will be living there at that point? Will I have a choice about this?

What happens if I sell them after I move?

I know that taxation law for CGT has changed in Germany in 2009 but there is a clause that says that the shares bought before 31 Dec 2008 will not generate any CGT. In my case, more than 90% of shares were bought before this date.


I would appreciate any advice or further information on this.

Thanks in advance.


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"I know that taxation law for

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