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Career Switch - practice to industry

I am 23 years old - and been working in a full time practice role for about 6 months. Salary is £15000 and I am doing lots of jobs like VAT Returns, CIS, SA and bookkeeping. I have been briefed that eventually I will be given responsibility of some of the ltd co clients - but I dont feel ready as I have only completed F1, F2 and F3 papers! Also I think the work is too much for too low salary. I do a lot of other things like admin, Excel projects and practice bookkeeping.


I am at the end of of an interview process with an industry role - salary is  £20-24k depending on exp and i get time off for study (Which i dont get currently) .  If i get an offer, I am just wondering what is better in the long run? The work is more transactional and more to what I enjoy doing. The company is amazing also.


What would you do?



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Forget about salaries!

Steve Holloway |
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Get qualified then have a spell in industry

killer33 |

i agree with above posts

Glennzy |
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