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Cash flow software or online tools

I use an excel workbook to manage my business bank account and project forward. I have a sheet for each month. In the current month, the sheet shows all actual transactions to date with actual bank balance, then a section below for remaining monies in and out, showing projected balance at month end.

Further monthly sheets keep the balance rolling forward for next 12 months based on expected monies in and out. Most clients pay by SO and I add new client SO's when they sign up.

Monies out are easy too, showing rent/wages/overheads/Vat/income tax at the relevant points.

I would love to have this in a package of some sort but think most cash flow tools out there are either for purely projections or are based on sales/purchase ledger payment dates.

I want actual reconciled bank balance and then rolling this forward based on the specific info noted above. Perhaps my needs are too specific?

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Me Too

Captainblack |
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Me too!

Sarah P |

The problem is the level of detail

tom123 |

You could look at Money

alattax |


BryanS1958 |

You could try Xero accounting

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