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Cashflow / projection software

I am looking to buy some software for forecasting etc but not really sure where to start - Sage does have a Forecasting program but I've not heard any reports on it's value?

At the moment we are just using a fairly basic spreadsheet which is slightly limiting in it's parameters and adding additional information is not great due to the way it was set up.

Any suggestions gratefully received


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Sage 50 Forecasting is pretty good

newmoon |

i still use win4cast

carnmores |
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winforcast cant handle 2011 dates !

zarathustra |
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Adaptive Planning

jaff |

Projection software

Snappy |

FD4CAST...ICAEW-Accredited Excel Spreadsheet Models

saltimbamba |

Just a bit!

Old Greying Accountant |
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Compare Excel, SageFF/Winforecast and foreCASH

DavidGurr |

Profits and cash flow forecasting

redboam |

Cash flow projection software

Bowraven |