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CCH Error 3001 & 3320


I have tried to file a corporation tax return for the first year of trading for a client.  The period from 3 April 2013 to 2 April 2014 has been filed but I can not file the return for 3 April 2014 to 30 April 2014.


I am using CCH and have received an error message 3001 - The submission of this document has failed due to departmental specific business logic in the Body tag.

Error reported by HMRC


I have also received the error 3320 - The period to which this return's computation applies does not coincide with the effective from/to dates of the referenced Computation Taxonomy.  Please correct and re-submit.


Can anyone help please?  Thanks

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CCH, perhaps?

Euan MacLennan |
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Many years ago I used CCH

ShirleyM |
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It's a Finance Bill thing

Paulsoper |


James Reeves |
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As Paul says

Duhamel |

CCH Error 3001 & 3320

Ameir |

In previous years

The Innkeeper |

HMRC server update expected 13 August

James Reeves |
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James is right

Marion Hayes |
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