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Change to Corporation Tax After Filing Accounts

I recently picked up a client who's accounts filing deadline was not very far away, hence there was a little rush to it.

I managed to file the accounts before the filing deadline passed and prepared a draft CT comp in order to post corporation tax figures into the accounts. Now I am looking to finalise the corporation tax return, I have noticed that the previous accountant had treated two motorbikes incorrectly for capital allowance purposes. They had included them in a special pool as opposed to the general pool, as they are post 2009 purchases. As they were disposed during the year, I initially treated them with a balancing allowance, when what I should have done (my interpretation) is transfer them to the general pool and continue to write them down.

As a result of this the corporation tax figure in my accounts will be wrong so I have a couple of questions in this regard:

1. Do I need to re-submit amended accounts with Companies House or can I make the amendment in next year's accounts?

2. If I have to re-submit, as the filing deadline has passed, will the accounts be subject to a late filing penalty?

3. If I can make the amendment in next year's accounts, will HMRC not notice that the CT figure in the accounts doesn't match up with the CT600 when they get the iXBRL copy?



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