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Change of name/image - client reaction

I asked a question before on behalf of a friend who was going through some major changes with partners leaving and new ones joining. He was pleased with the advice received so I thought I'd float another issue he's been chatting to me about.

The new partners in the practice are keen to push the business forward with new specialisms and seem more dynamic than the leavers. He is talking excitedly about doubling the fees in a few years and maybe even moving offices. But he is torn about rebranding the practice. One of the new partners is very keen on a completely new name, logo and corporate image, selling it to clients as a new bright start with improved service (my friend admits things have got a bit stale recently). The others do not want to upset the applecart at what will be a time of some change anyway - they prefer to keep things much as they are in case existing clients see the changes as an excuse to bail out.

I'm wondering if members have any experience of a major rebranding and how the clients reacted. I should confess my advice is to go for it and let clients new and old see that there is a new and better approach to their affairs. I believe it is the people who really matter but he is very nervous of indicating any major change.

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We rebranded a few years ago

ShirleyM |
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I think a phased approach would work best

dbowleracca |
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I got a very positive reaction last year ...

Steve Holloway |
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It comes down to communication

bookmarklee |
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