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Changing to industry

After yet another January, I am heartily sick of practice in general and self assement specifically so I am going to give it up to try for a high level, financial controller type job in industry.

My lifestyle will not allow for any reduction in salary and I have absolutely no experience that would qualify me for this job in any way however I am sure that my detailed knowledge of shoe box accounting and the VAT flat rate scheme will count for something?

I would appreciate if someone could do all the reading for me and tell me exactly how to do this because I can't be bothered getting my ICAS rule book out. This is really important to me (but not enough that I do the spade work myself) so I would prefer that no-one tries to argue (reason) with me.

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No, no, no, no, no, no

George Attazder |
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Working in Commerce is all about staff, directors and politics

Moonbeam |
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Roland195 |

I Thought You were just Fed Up!

Moonbeam |
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Made me laugh

zarathustra |
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Both sides

Kent accountant |
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