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Changing software

Having just received the renewal for Iris I can no longer justify the extremely high cost of running this software so I am looking for alternatives.  To date I have looked at Forbes and Keytime online details and will be having a look at some more over this weekend.  Whilst Forbes and Keytime seem to offer good value for money, I am pretty disappointed with their report presentation. Given that the reports are the final bit of the work the clients see, I am very particular about their presentation.  I am not averse to tidying up in Word or something if the cost of doing that would not be too excessive, but having been "spoilt" with the seamless quality of the Iris reports that would come a bit hard.  I wonder if any Forbes or Keytime users out there can tell me if the reports can be edited within the software without export to say Word, and how they deal with notes and accounts disclosures that are not within the "standard" reports offered. For example how do the reports deal with say directors disclosures for overdrawn current accounts, operating lease commitments, assets on HP etc.  I know I cannot directly compare with Iris as they are totally different ends of the market, so I am looking for a bit of balance between the two really.

I am also going to have a look at Digita - can any users out there offer any feedback on Digita's reporting quality also?

Thanks for any input on this.


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Look beyond the "all in ones"

taxhound |
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More expensive?

Jimess |

I agree with taxhound

ShirleyM |
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VT for accounts

Kent accountant |
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taxhound |
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Jimess |

How big??

nmprobinson |
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Happy to walk you through report editing options

jimwmackenzie |
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TaxCalc & BTC

jaybee661 |
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Jim Mackenzie

Jimess |


[email protected] |
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ireallyshouldknowthisbut |
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VT, Taxcalc and Moneysoft Payroll

Randify |
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Thanks everyone

Jimess |


macdougall |
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Jimess |

VT and TaxCalc (NOT DIGITA)

chatman |


ShirleyM |
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Moving from IRIS

verybigshot |

Just to follow up on my original post

Jimess |

Thanks, Jimess

ShirleyM |
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Good decision

chatman |