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changing VAT stagger

Am looking for a practical steer here please!

Situation is thus: Pship with Jan yr end prev had VAT stagger Mar, Jun, Sep & Dec - requested a change in VAT stagger in Jun 12 to Apr, Jul, Oct & Jan - no prob at all - new registration form rec'd from HMRC - great.


Pship came to an end in Sept & one of the partners now going it alone - have advised HMRC of 'change in circs' no prob.  However, sole trader would prefer a March yr end so to make it 'neater' would really like to amend VAT stagger back to Mar, Jun etc.

What do you think the repercussions would be from HMRC If I submit another request within such a short time scale. 

Many thanks for any wise comments and recommendations re a suitable period of time to wait!

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Change VAT Stagger

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They can only say no

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