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Charging for passing documents to new accountant

I am in the sorry position of having lost a couple of clients recently who have found someone even cheaper than me!  When I receive a professional enquiry asking for copies of prior year accounts, and tax returns, should I be making a charge to my outgoing client for this? Although it doesn't take long, if there are follow-up queries regarding account balances, etc, it can add up.  I have included a paragraph in my terms and conditions saying that I have the right to charge, but so far I never have.  What do you do in this instance? 

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I don't charge and put it in

bernard michael |

If you belong to a professional body ...

Locutus |
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Paul Scholes |
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We do not charge either, but

taxguru |

Agree with Paul

Euan MacLennan |
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£250 plus vat

Kent accountant |
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Not as a general rule

mn2taxhbj |

Not worth it unless

girlofwight |

Some of the contractor accountants routinely charge.

newmoon |

we dont

Tom 7000 |
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Don't charge but...

miketombs |
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Which Regulatory Bodies don't allow a charges?

BryanS1958 |

In case of ICAEW & ACCA

Paul Scholes |
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Thanks Paul

BryanS1958 |

They just dig a deeper hole

Paul Scholes |
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I agree ....

Steve Holloway |
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