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Charitable limited company accounts

Our audit exempt company client is also a charity for the last year or so. Its turnover will mean that it needs to file accounts with the charity commission, but i see that i can use their template on the web site. Am I right in thinking that for HMRC and Companies House filing purposes that normal company accounts are still produced and submitted.

Sorry to seem dumb and stupid on the matter but this as never cropped up before.

Thanks for reading and any assistance you may give.


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Chris Smail |
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charitable accounts

David Gordon FCCA |

Ltd by g'tee filed online

DMGbus |
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Ltd by G to Co Hse

tonyarm |

How do you deal with the YE dates

school63 |

Charities can have any year

jpcc1 |

Your website claims you are charity specialists???

jpcc1 |

What jpcc1 said, its a bit

Tom 7000 |
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Co's House filing online

DMGbus |
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Sooo Many Wrong Statements!

Chris Smail |
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Chris Smail is right

Blakeney |

Independent Examiner,s Report

Rangith Athauda |