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I am involved with a small registered charity (turnover below £50,000) which has had conventional banking facilities with Lloyds TSB for many years.

The incoming treasurer wishes to switch to online banking for a number of valid reasons. Initial enquiries seem to suggest that Lloyds do not offer the dual authority system for making payments. This is recommended by the Charity Commissioners in their publication Internal Control for Charities CC8.

We are reluctant to move away fropm Lloyds because much income is received by long-standing standing order donations.

Has any member here had experience with dual authority internet banking; with particular regard to charities?


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thisistibi |
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There are three

Chris Smail |
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My thanks to those who

phanmer |

CAF Are very good

Mattlythell |


rayhelmke |

Charity banking - Natwest

David S Ward |
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Yes just leave the old accounts collecting money

Chris Smail |
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Agree with chris

97mwill |

Yes. I am sure that is the

phanmer |

Charity Banking

golders42 |
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Charity (?) banking

jameshpatmore |
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It is good, recommended

phanmer |

Yes James

Chris Smail |
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Thanks Chris

jameshpatmore |
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Alliance & Leicester (now Santander)

Chris Floyd |

Internet banking for charities

sdp.panda |

LLoydsTSB dual online authorisation

David Allen |

HSBC Dual Online Authorisation

Paul Calvett |
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Bank Accounts for Charities

Philip4946 |


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