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Child benefit

Hi all

It struck me tonight, whilst considering the position of one of my clients who has 4 children, that carefully planning of dividends will ensure he keeps his benefit in some years and loses it on others (he has a company with £200k reserves and traditionaly has drawn £44k and now and then an extra £50k

I was thinking, it may be worth voting dividends to take him up to £99.999 earnings this year, thus lose the child benefit between 07/01/13 and 05/04/13 (so only a quarter of the annual total) and then ensure he earns £49,999 for each of the next few years and then maybe, now and then exceed that to extract funds

Before I go through the exercise of considering further, does anyone else have any thoughts??

 Thanks all


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redman7 |
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However make sure you

bernard michael |

Sounds like...

George Attazder |
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why not £50,000 income or £100,000 income?

Tonykelly |
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Thanks all

Ding Dong |
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@ Bernard

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