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CIOT membership

I am a member of the CIOT having qualified years ago (!) and have receieved my renewal for 2013 (£300 odd).

I am seriously considering whether to renew - I cave in each time when I recall the effort taking the exams etc, but that is a sunk cost.

In reality, clients have never heard of CIOT and I really cannot think of any benefit of actually being a member.

They recently admitted members from the Institute of Indirect Taxation, as far as I can see just to get their member numbers up as an end in itself, but not realising that diminishes the value (at least in my view).

Can any members provide good reasons to renew? Apart from local meetings/lectures which I would agree may make it worthwhile, but I already have my CPD taken care of.

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mbdx7ja2 |

I'd be interested to know...

Steve Kesby |
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Hi Steve, I just think

stt |

Thanks for highlighting, I

stt |

Forgot to mention...

Steve Kesby |
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Steve talks a lot of sense

mn2taxhbj |

One exam at a time

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Uuuugh Peter!

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