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CIS gross status

anyone had the misfortune trying to get gross status for client and trying to get an answer from HMRC as to why an application has been refused.


client applied for gross status at end March

hmrc refused 18 April

director phoned hmrc but they said they could not tell him why

we wrote to Hull on 25 April

they replied 18 May requiring form 325

director forwarded 325 on 1 june

still no answer from Hull why refused

we spoke to CIS helpline yesterday and (a very helpful) official sald nothing outstanding for CIS. could not say about other taxes, but director happy taht all other taxes/ returns up to date.

we faxed letter to Hull yesterday requesting ring back but no reply.

we phoned number on letter from Hull which is just national number (apparently we cant phone Hull) but were told that we could not complain as form 325 not yet received

the company is at risk of losing large contract in next couple of days

any suggestions? or phone number for Hull?

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the official also said to

frankie3 |

TRY AAM service

Paula Sparrow |
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HMRC's secret!

DMGbus |
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