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CIS - monthly return mistakes.....


Limited Company


Had a few contracts with a company  over the past year. 

The main problemt is the CIS we have been deducted from the contractor.  I only have three returns from them and the amount they have paid over is well under the amount deducted from our invoices.

I also need help as we have a problem with the other side of CIS

My dad took care of this part and thought he only had to submit a return showing CIS stoppages by us if he could afford to pay the CIS stoppages.  That worked well until we got lots of subbies and my dad become ill and was unable to work and since then it all went a bit haywire - there are about £6k worth to payover - but due ti the contractor now owing the company £95k there are insufficient funds and was hoping to offset against the CIS paid on invoices - but an additional problem then arises if the contractor will not declare the stoppages?!!

1) what can I do about the money we have stopped?  Do i just complete a monthly return and add the contractors and deductions on this month?  How much trouble will we be in if I arrange to amend previous returns would need to amend June July Aug 2012

2) who to deal with the sh*t who is not paying over the CIS - and owes us a fortune!

Thanks for all your help



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Are you trading as a limited company?

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