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Client database software

I run a small accountancy practice with around 60 clients.  I am a diehard VT fan, so I wouldn't consider changing to any other accounts software.  I would therefore like to buy a stand alone software package that will enable me to keep and manage my client records efficiently and I don't want to spend a great deal on it.  I thought that Moneysoft did one, but I have just been on their website and it doesn't seem to be on offer any longer.  I would be most grateful for any suggestions.  I would prefer a package that is specific to an accountancy practice rather than a general client database package.

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cheap and cheerful?

listerramjet |
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Hosted Accountants Ltd |
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Logical Office or HQ

BigBadWolf |
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HQ for Accountants

Adrian Pearson |
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Keep It Simple

thacca |
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I am thinking of buying Sage

Yvonnel_b |

Anything but SAGE

BigBadWolf |
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Maximizer CRM is excellent

gcartmill |
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Practice Management Databases

Outerbridge Pen |
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ms outlook

brenbrady |

amphis software

kjmcculloch |

Thanks Gilbert, always lovely

Becky Brown |