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Client has changed everything without my knowledge

I have a client that I run book-keeping on Xero for - all the record-keeping is done by us at their premises.

Today I go in and the client tells me that we're not using Xero anymore, he has been out and bought Sage Accounts Professional for over a grand because it's cheaper than Xero and it does job costing so will save us time.

Not only that but the client has entered the debtors and creditors himself - it may be a mess, it may not be - but he has spent most of the time on the Sage Support line today.

To say I feel pushed out is an understatement - but I really don't know how I should react - does anyone have any thoughts?

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Not much you can do with clients like that ...

ShirleyM |
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What is cost of Xero?

DMGbus |
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Cloudcounter |

Leave them to it

Paul Scholes |
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Bin them!

MissAccounting |
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s*ge & st*rbucks

Paul Scholes |
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Trevor Scott |

Ah, that kind of client

Monsoon |
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Just had a similar situation

zarathustra |
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usual load of old codswallop on this thread

carnmores |
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Actually there is technological advance in this thread

raybackler |
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