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Client leaving...

We have had our first client loss to another firm today (a few have stopped trading over the 4 years ) and they choose to let us know by email.

I would have thought a phone call would have been a better route and this had really annoyed me today.

They are not a 'Category A' client, and do thing against our advice re CIS and self employed/employed etc too, but a good monthly fee.

What is the normal way a client advises that they are leaving?

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I'd be grateful that you received an email


Agree with BKD. Dont worry

young ronaldo |

I've had two in 12 years ...

Steve Holloway |
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Agree with the above

Paul Scholes |
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Not sure about the rest of my colleagues.....

youngloch |

An email is as good as a letter

a_q |

Makes room for the next better client

refs8 |


murphy1 |

And taking Paul's advice, I

murphy1 |