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Client wants to claim all his foreign travel

I have a client in the film industry. He thinks he should be able to claim every single bit of his foreign travel on the grounds that he needs to know what these places look like.  He says if a director tells his he wants, for example, a New York upper east side background, he has to know what that looks like. I have told him that, ultimately, he would have to be able to convince a court that he would not have gone on the trip if it were not needed for his work. Obviously everybody he knows in his profession claims 100% of their foreign travel in calculating taxable profits!

However, when a client goes on at you about a thing like this, you start to doubt yourself. Can someone give me a second opinion please.

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What is his actual trade or profession?

ShirleyM |
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On his head be it

MarionMorrison |
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Alarm bells.  If reason is

Fred Smith |

Its a matter of wholly and exclusively

Nichola Ross Martin |
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Thanks for responses on travel

chatman |