Client who changed name by deed poll

I have a client whose company ceased due to insolvency last year.The HMRC are now chasing him for PAYE and VAT debts personally but in his old name. He has changed his name by deed poll and owes other debts as well including the law societies debt collector for repayment of legal aid. All his assets are now in his new name with the main asset being in his wife's name.Should he just file for insolvency to avoid the debts or would he be alright leaving things as they are since he has changed his name by deed poll?

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I have a client whose company |'s picture

I know nothing about the legalities of name changes

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I agree with BKD

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I have a client who chaned

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whats he changed his name to...

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In the interests of fairness

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Yes he has kept same NINO. I |'s picture