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Just some thoughts wanted.

I called a client & asked him if he had his books & records ready (sent him a usual questionnaire previously) to my surprise he replied "no need I have done them" "What do you mean, done them." He replied with "well I submitted them online myself - so I don't need you." Ok I wished him the best of luck and if he needed an accountant in the future then please get back to me.

I decided out of curiosity to take a look at the return online. I noticed he had used my details as agent and requested a tax rebate circa £1000. Now I know he has not included all expenditure unless it changed hugely from last year! However it's the using my details that annoys me. It looks as though he has nominated for the repayment to come to my client account!

Two points - What do you think..

1. I'm going to charge him for processing the tax rebate say £50.00 if it hits my account.

2. I do not support his figures - should I inform HMRC that I am not his agent and request he amends the return or is it a little childish!!

The fee was only around £250 per year but hey it’s the little things in life that wind us up! I BET HE WILL CALL WHEN HE NEEDS TO RENEW HIS TAX CREDITS!

He will get a reply then..


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Personally ....

ShirleyM |
ShirleyM's picture

I think i would go a step further by

justsotax |

I would also return payment

mm01 |

by cheque - covering letter explaining...

justsotax |

After thinking about it you

paulb |
paulb's picture

how petty can you get

carnmores |
carnmores's picture

I don't think that would be

paulb |
paulb's picture

Not petty, just being cautious

nigelburge |
nigelburge's picture

I'm with carnmores

MarionMorrison |
MarionMorrison's picture

Petty...well in this case I would prefer to

justsotax |

Why does he want to use your client account ?

The Black Knight |

Let's not make assumptions

ShirleyM |
ShirleyM's picture

just a form filling adding up machine !

The Black Knight |

I am confused by some of the answers

Euan MacLennan |
Euan MacLennan's picture

or advise HMRC

The Black Knight |