Clients disappearing from our HMRC online client list - anyone else experience this?

Has anyone else experienced situations where a 64-8 has been submitted, the client actually DOES make it onto the HMRC agent client list, stays there for a few years, then suddenly for no reason and without explanation is removed?

It seems to happen to us fairly regularly ... maybe once a month we end up completing new forms 64-8 to get the agent status reinstated.

We have just noticed it with a client today (corporation tax) and on phoning HMRC they won't speak to us as they say we aren't agents! We have explained that we are and have definitely been viewing the client's details online for years. They deny this and say we have to submit a new 64-8 and if we want to we can make a complaint.

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Not quite!

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Disappearing clients

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Deleting ex clients

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