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Cold Calling

I have a partnership client of which one of the partners has been aggresively cold called on 3 occasions by one of the franchise branches of Certax Accountants.

The gist of the call is to say that they can do a much better job than my firm.

Both partners do not know how this firm obtained his number and certainly no accounts have been made available by either partner to them so it is difficult to see how they can make any such claim. My client is very loyal and knows my firm have been very proactive in sorting out potential problems and planning so they have no intention of moving.  

The website blog for this Certax branch shows the principal is a CIMA.

I would certainly never dream of cold calling in this way and I believe that this may be frowned upon in some bodies.

Does anybody know what the CIMA stance on this is as I think this type of cold calling is little short of obnoxious?  

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i hate people like this

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TPS is a waste of time

ShirleyM |
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sad isnt it - another toothless body

carnmores |
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Re TPS violations

john woolmore |


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Getting on with my life....

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Cold Calling

codling |

It's happening all the time!!

Stewie Griffin |
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