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Companies House closing company down

I have a book-keeping client with a tiny one man band company that did very little last year. He has not asked me to do much except to deregister for VAT, and accounts are now overdue, as is the Annual return.

There is now a Proposal to Strike Off and client has told me he is quite happy with this. He has retained a pompous firm of accountants that he used when running a much larger organisation, and although I've asked him to authorise me to speak to them I am quite sure it will be as easy as pulling hens' teeth.

I was running a payroll for him up to the end of Dec 2012. He now wants a P45, which is easy to do. Does he still have to file a P35, or does this obligation die with the company? Sounds strange to me if it does. Will HMRC want to see accounts for the period concerned? I think he would owe a bit of CT.

My fees would be minimal for just doing the P35, but I need your help in deciding what to do. Sorry to interfere with the Xmas Party!!

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HMRC may step in and stop the

bernard michael |

Thanks Bernard

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Striking Off

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Useful to hear more about length of Time

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Directors NI record

tcatt31489 |

Why not just file the P35 in April?


Director could resign

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Alf's note:

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Can you explain further

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