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Companies House paperwork

I would like some help on a small matter of lack of paperwork and incorrect paperwork.

The husband and wife of ABC Limited seperated in October 2011, at that time he was director of their small Ltd company shop, she worked in and ran the business but was not an officer at Companies House, shares were owned 50-50

When they split she retained the business (loss making dress shop) and took it all over. It was agreed as part of their sepration that she would take over all shares and become director. He would resign as director.

However, NONE of the paperwork was done and sent to companies House and the subsequent annual return in Dec last year shows him as director and the shares being 50-50 - apparently the wife just said yes doing the form on line to all sections.

My question is, can directors appointments and resignations be sent in NOW showing the actual date of the transactions as last year, and then will it be OK to resubmit an amended annual return.

This is essentially a case of paperwork not being done during the split but I am concerned that doing it all now may cause problems.

Any help from someone in the know would be good before I contact Companies House re the same!

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