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Company car - how to account for private fuel?

A company car is going to be provided to an employee.  Only business mileage will be reimbursed.  

It is likely the employee will pay for fuel on the company credit card so my question is how the private fuel will be paid for as the company will not be paying for this. 

Is the easiest way to allow the employee to put all fuel on the company credit card, and record business trips.  At the end of the year, the mileage logs for business can be compared against the mileage on the car speedometer and then the employee can pay back the personal fuel amount used to the company. 

Would this be the best way to account for the private fuel or what is the norm in this situation? 

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far easier for the employee

richardbuck |

Also much safer from attack

taxhound |
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Be very careful!

cfield |
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Thanks for the information.

johnpayne44 |