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Computer falls asleep

I leave my computer on and from time to time when IĀ first use it in the morning I realise that the time and date will be say 10 hours behind. This is easily corrected but plays havoc with the scheduled back up and scans. Does anyone know what might be causing this ?

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A couple of things

occca |

Thanks for the advice I will

Ned |

Probably the motherboard battery

nigelburge |
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Your Time Zone may be wrong

tomsk100 |

some more options

chorleyboy |
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Are you networked?

mydoghasfleas |
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Autosync time.

supremetwo |

Time zone wrong

richardpoulter |

Are you using Windoze?

KH |
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What's your point?

richardpoulter |

it's that little bit "doze" in Windows ....

KH |
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Control Panel / Power Options

DMGbus |
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