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Conflict of interest


I run a small Accountancy practice which has one employee doing bookkeeping, my employee told me today that she has also started working for another local Accountancy firm on a self-employed basis doing bookkeeping. 

I now have concerns that this is a conflict of interest - what if one of the other Accountants clients changed to my practice or vice versa ... it could open up a whole can of worms which quite frankly I want to avoid.

As she is self employed for the other Accountant, if she also worked self employed for me would that make a difference to any potentital conflict of interest?

Do you have any advice please?


many thanks




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Not good :(

ShirleyM |
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I agree with ShirleyM!

teresaweezer |

Time to Choose

squay |
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She has to choose

Ken Howard |


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Your employment T&C's ...

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