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Considering changing software

Hi Guys,

With the January rush over I'd promised myself ro review the software to see if there's anything as good as Iris for about a quarter of the price.

I do find Iris extremely good and seamless, though.  Accounts production could hardly be easier, with the simple posting and 'batch control' system, although you cannot drill down. Accounts then go automatically into business tax, then click to export business tax to p'ship or sole trader tax returns. Iris support is generally ok, but commercially they don't seem very user friendly to deal with and allegedly have sneaked through a 6 month notice period which we all inadvertently agreed to.

Anyone using other software have any thoughts ?





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Time for change |
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bobhurn |

VT and BTC

taxhound |
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Glennzy |
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I'm going the other way

Kent accountant |

I believe VT will soon have CH filing as standard?

Steve Holloway |
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Thanks, everyone

Eddystone |

VT and CT software

adam.arca |

An interesting theme emerging


I think that is the problem!

Steve Holloway |
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VT and Taxcalc

marks |


cmacrae |

@Steve Holloway @Eddystone

Kent accountant |


bobhurn |

Caveat Emptor

thomas34 |