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Contract cancellation letter lost in post

I recently sent a letter to cancel a contract for services which requires a 90 day notice period before the annual renewal date. If you fail to send it in time you have to pay for another 12 months.

The letter was lost in the post - their word against mine as I didn't send it registered post. Since I hadn't had a response I sent a second letter and fax asking for a response but this letter was later than the required 90 days notice. I still heard nothing.

Next I rang our "customer services rep" and she promised to deal with it. The next thing I get is an invoice in the post for the renewal. I rang straightaway and said I wouldn't be paying the invoice as we'd cancelled the contract. Now I have an e-mail stating that the MD has refused to cancel the contract because they didn't receive the first letter.

Where do I stand legally with this? Does anyone know my options on this?

We have used this company for at least 10 years and I cannot believe they are being so inflexible for what is in effect a contract worth less than £2k. We certainly don't treat our customers in this way.


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