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Cost of Accounts Production software

We use Sage accounts Production to create our statutory accounts. We are coming up to renewal, and wondered what other Accountancy practices pay for their Accounts Production software. By the way, I am not considering bookkeeping software like Sage 50, but Accountancy practice statutory accounts production software. I was not considering comments about the quality of the software and support you receive, but please feel free to add these if you want to. To get things started, here are our details :-

Software company Sage
Which accounts production package used Accounts production standard
Cost for a year's licence (net of VAT) £1,221.00
Invoice date 13/12/2010
Maximum number of users running the software at the same time 3
Maximum number of clients on the software at any one time 325

What are your details?

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vt software

Tosie |

VT final accounts as with Tosie

Luke |
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I swapped Sage for VT

ShirleyM |
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I'm a big VT fan too

zarathustra |
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VT and additional users

Jekyll and Hyde |


vtsoftware |

Good news re: LLP templates

Jekyll and Hyde |

We use Caseware

AS |

Csseware as well

Cloudcounter |


AS |


Flash Gordon |

I am really interested in

snute2008 |

Can be entered direct to VT

mavis02455 |


Young |