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CT iXBRL files

Since March we have sent in the HTML file created by manually tagging our word.doc accounts using Sage's XBRL software.

We have used the sample tagged accounts provided by Sage to decide what items we should tag.

This file goes with the CT comps and CT600 which our Sage CT software creates automatically.

Once we have grappled our way through the various initial rejections and the filing is accepted, in each case we have received appropriate ackowledgements from HMRC.   No other comments from HMRC have come our way. 

It strikes me that the accounts information sent is a lot less that what was previously being sent as a full set of (pdf) accounts

For instance, none of the amounts detailed on the full profit and loss acounts are included.

I just wondered what other members experience was, do they include a pdf set as well for instance? 

Should I care in fact?


Thanks for any comments

David Harrison

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But they still see the full accounts?!

Steve Holloway |
Steve Holloway's picture

The detailed p/l has been causing lots of confusion

vtsoftware |

Do they see the full accounts?

runningmate |
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Detailed P & L

Neil Douglas |

I don't understand VT's comments

Euan MacLennan |
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Euan - you have hit on the whole reason .....


To Euan

vtsoftware |

Well I haven't sent any pdfs of the detailed P&L since 1 April

rockallj |
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Sage are aware of this, as

jamesreeves |


Marion Hayes |
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This is HMRC's guidance and still none the wiser

Barkster |

Detailed P & L

Neil Douglas |

iXBRL tax v accounts inconsistencies


HMRC software

DMGbus |
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Neil Douglas |

I would agree with Neil Douglas

rockallj |
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@DMGBus - response from Sage Product Manager

jon.martingale |