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CT return - extra software required?

I am struggling to set up the Adobe trust settings for the HMRC website so I can file a CT return. The clear instructions don't allow for the fact that my computer deliberately obscures an important check box towards the end of the process and no amount of resetting the screen resolution will help. I spoke to a horrible person on the HMRC helpline who didn't want to help at all, and in the end I slammed the phone down. Someone at Cos House who was much nicer and more competent got me going again, but I later decided I wouldn't use this option to file at Cos house after all, so saved as instructed and exited.

When going in again it seems I have to reset the trust settings with all the aggravation I had yesterday.

I would rather run away than go through all this hassle again. Would I be better off with Ftax (given they've had some problems this year?) I only have 6 tax clients at present, so anything quite cheap and cheerful would be fine if it was better than HMRC's offering.

All suggestions gratefully received (sob).

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It would appear that

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I would say persevere with

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Thank you for your very apposite comments

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