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CT returns for Not for Profit resident companies

I have a company set up purely to acquire and hold the freehold title purchased for the property I live in (there is one other tenant who has jointly acquired it via this company). The company was dormant until it acquired the freehold and that is the only transaction with nothing going through the P&L account.


My question is for CT purposes is this company still considered dormant as it is not for profit nor trading but simply has acquired the freehold asset on its balance sheet. Do I need to inform HMRC this company was active for this year and file a CT form or do I not need to inform them at all? After this set of accounts we expect the company to be dormant with all service charges, etc to remain outside of this company.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes the company is still dormant

sarahstob |

Companies House & HMRC

Euan MacLennan |
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i basically agree with the above but see this current link

carnmores |

Thanks for your help guys

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