Daily Mail Maths Test

According to the Daily Mail the container ship Marco Polo is a staggering 51 times longer than the QM2. Taken that the QM2 is over a 1,100 ft long how long (answers in miles!) is the Marco Polo?


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The bigger question is

mwngiol |
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Isn't it

Canary Boy |
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Are you sure that

Cloudcounter |

That's all very well . . .

mcchoc |

I might be dyslexic

Mouse007 |

Does this mean

Canary Boy |
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no it was a trick question

Penfold |
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At the risk of pi__ing off my fellow AWEBers

Richard Willis |
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Mouse007 |

Expect? the whole truth.

pedant |
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Mouse007 |

Me too!

Canary Boy |
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