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Daily penalties from HMRC

Good afternoon All

Not one of my regular clients, but seem do have been dragged into this, he has been hit by a full 90 x £10 daily penalty for not filing his personal Self assesment for 2011 and a similar penalty for not filing the Partnership retun so he is suddenly £1800 in th ered.

The penalties are raised uner Para 5 Sch 55 FA 2009 and Para 4 Sch 55 FA 2009.

Both the Partnership return and subsequent SA return had no tax owing as the Partnership made a loss.

My thought is that the fallback appeal that no tax is due therefore no penalty can be charged has now been ruled out under the new FA 2009, can someone just confirm my thinking is correct?

Does anyone have any advice on a particular route to reduce these penalties? The Partnership has now ceased and these are relating to 2011 SA returns.

ONe final question, the client has submitted paper copies of both the Partnership and personal Self assesment returns (he has taken blanks from the HMRC site), is there anything to be gained by duplicating these and resubmitting them on line?


Thanks as always


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