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Demanding Clients

I know it's our busiest time of year and maybe that's making me a bit more sensitive than normal, but I can't help feeling that clients are becoming more & more demanding.

For example, a client who phoned this morning was told by my assistant that I was in meetings until 4pm, but assured them that I would call back after 4pm.  They tried my mobile twice before 4pm and then called the office again at 4.15 irate becasue they had tried to get hold of me "several times".  Thing is, they were third on my call back list when i started making them at 4pm and I'd only got to number 2!!

Then had a calls from two clients with December year ends asking why their accounts weren't done as they had seen houses to buy and the mortgage brokers needed the figures NOW.

It seems to have gone crazy just at the moment, or is it just me?



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Twas ever thus !!

bernard michael |

Client sent me his records yesterday

taxhound |
taxhound's picture

Yep - they are!

Jimess |

The season of the busy fool

Ken Howard |