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Demise of ESC16 - any reasonably priced IPs out there ?

We have to look for an insolvency practitioner, one who hopefully charges pitifully reasonable rates, to deal with a members' voluntary liquidation where the assets comfortably exceed £25k. 

He or she would be presented with a company which has all creditors paid, debts collected, etc., so just a bank balance of maybe £1/4 mil, some stock & plant (which the directors will purchase, so nothing to sell) and presumably a final VAT return to encompass the liquidation fees etc.

Any suggestions welcome !

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Try these...

Paul Scholes |
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e-mail me and I'll give you a

bernard michael |

£750 plus

cathygrimmer |
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bernard michael |

I would also recommend...

Jimess |


Eddystone |

Quote from an IP MVL's.

Andrew Rosler |

What does "Reasonable" Mean?

David Winch |
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Reasonable cost .... now there's the rub

KH |
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I don't follow your drift KH

David Winch |
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Reasonable rates

Eddystone |

It's the license (and the knowledge) that you're paying for

cfield |
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Lower ... lower!

Steve Holloway |
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ISPs have different responsibilities, not just to clients!

pacioli |


ireallyshouldknowthisbut |
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Clarification of my previous posting

KH |
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I think Steve's right

Maslins |