Digital signatures backup to own server - what do you do?

Hi all,

I currently email clients asking them to approve returns etc and they email back with confirmation that they approve the return. In an effort to cover my own behind, I investigated client portal / digital signature solutions but am still unsure. I am trialling a product at the moment and am wondering how do I prove that someone signed something if this IT company goes bust or if I decide to leave the supplier. I am not worried about losing the actual document data as I already have this saved on the cloud and backed up separately.

There is no downloadable document stating that the return has been signed so one solution would be to "print screen" the page that states that the return has been signed and keep this on my server, but this doesn't seem to be any better than getting an email confirmation.

I suppose it's a similar situation to cloud accounting software. No one wants to thing about the worse case scenario.

What do other people do?

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We use echosign which emails

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