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Hi All,


There are 4 directors who are also shareholders of a limited company. However none of them want to pay themselves as employees through PAYE but instead as self employed contractors. My understanding is that the directors have to be employees of the company and thus have to be paid via PAYE and the contracting option does not exist.

Can someone please confirm this for me or advise accordingly.

Many thanks guys...

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directors often have two roles

tonycourt |

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I thought....

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Hi Guys, thanks for your

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Just to be clear

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I must have missed the point I guess...but

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The firm that I used to work

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wealth architecture |

contract of employment

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Again...why would you

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Where did that come from?

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May be I jumped the gun....

tonycourt | initial comments were perhaps

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is it not just about paying as little tax as possible?

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Accountants attitude

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@mcfarlanetoms...perhaps i have missed something...

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My experience

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Small exceptions limit

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Hi Guys,

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