Directors paid above the LEL - RTI and pension implications

I was at a seminar the other day run by HMRC where the speaker said "if the Director wants to get credit for his pension he needs to pay him(her)self above the LEL in all months during the year and not just in March.  Is this correct or can I vote myself a bonus in March (above the LEL for the year) so I do not have to run monthly FPS forms.  For the companies who have one director and are running a payroll scheme just for him this is potentially going to increase the work so we have to process 12 x 634 per month rather than one credit of £7605

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There have been many, many

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None of the main software providers?

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'multi-period inactivity' & 'infrequently paid director problem'

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Re the original question

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Annual pay intervals

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12 Pay

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Im with Tom

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