Disclosure requirements of small overdrawn directors loan account

Sole director of limited company has overdrawn directors loan account balance at end of first accounting period.  The account is overdrawn by just £276, relating to an overpayment of expenses (£179) and PAYE tax due on salary (£97).  I just want to make sure I get the disclosures right, as I am not sure where the £5k de minimis limit applies, apart from being certain that there is no BIK because the loan is well within the £5k exemption.  So do I need to disclose the loan:

- as a note in the statutory accounts?

- on the supplementary pages of the CT600?

The loan will be repaid within 9 months of the year end, as the director has deducted the £97 tax from her next salary payment, and the £179 overpaid expenses from her next expenses payment.

Thank you for your help.


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I have since checked with

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Yes & Yes

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Can the disclosure just be in the debtors notes

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