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Im preparing a dispensation for a client who is a contractor (Ltd Co - 1 man) working away from home in various locations mainly in the UK.

He has a company credit card and uses it for the following:

Train travel

Hotels bills

Food costs

Personal costs which are always allocated to the directors loan account

He also uses the company bank account for personal expenses but these are all allocated to the directors loan account.

He does also pay for some food/drink  say, £50 per month in cash and claim it back via an expenses claim supported by receipts

Occasionally he has some  incidental costs such as parking or tube fares which are not supported by receipts but they are paid on the credit card.

When he travels do I need a dispensation for an overnight allowance for incidentals? (£5 uk, £10 outside UK?) Or can I just use this allowance?


What needs to go on the dispensation and is there a particular way to word this?   I've been told dispensations are great when you get then but  its difficult to get them!  Can anyone assist?

Many thanks


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I have just done several

sparkler |

I didnt know you could do it

thomas |

Nor did I until I found it

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Great Link

tom123 |

Fantastic, that's in my diary

Sheepy306 |

Does online application meet your needs though ?

Optimum PAYE |
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Food for thought...

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Have received partial P11D exemption

Halex |

Home phone - need licence agreement.

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