Dividend tax credit - am I going mad?

I completed a tax return today with the following entries on:

Salary 6,000
Dividends 55,000 (gross)
Qualifying loan interest expense (10,000)
STI 51,000
Personal allowance (6,475)
Taxable income 44,525

The software calculated the tax borne correctly, but then only allowed around 4,400 of the dividend tax credit to be relieved against the liability!

Am I correct to assume this is a glitch and that the full 5,500 should be deducted to arrive at the liability?

I look forward to hearing from fellow members about this, thanks on advance for your comments.

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It is correct

Marion Hayes |

I was slightly confusd by Marion's post

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The dividend tax credit is non-refundable

Discountants |
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Sorry BKD

Marion Hayes |

This doesn't seem fair though

dbowleracca |
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It is correct

Marion Hayes |

Yes, we're all quite sure!

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Thanks for this

dbowleracca |
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I remember

pawncob |
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Maybe this helps

cathygrimmer |
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adam.arca |

Well Said Adam

Malcolm Veall |
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Can unused "Qualifying loan interest expense" be taken forward

ringi |