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Do accountants really earn 64K with a 11K bonus

I saw a recent salary stating an average accountants salary was 64K with a 11K bonus. 

Most Accountants Salary seem to be around the 45K mark and no bonus.  I know it depends on where you live and there would be some regional variation but perhaps no more than 10K between London and other parts of the country ?

There seems a widespread perception that accountants earn a lot of money some do but most don't even when qualified with several years experience behind them.  There was quite a lot of media coverage on accountants salary and was even mentioned in some national newspapers. 

Would be interested in your views



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accountancy age jobs

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Average Salary

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Lucky you!

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Kent and Flash

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Leave no stone unturned...

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I started on £3,250 ....

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Well I started on ...

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Getting back to the OP

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75K would be a dream

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My wife has been recruiting accountants recently ...

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Realistic in some situations ....

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Talking about averages

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Too many accountants

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