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Do I have to take up flooring that I didn't put down??

Apologies in advanced for asking but you're all such a varied and intelligent bunch so I thought I would ask. I am seeking legal advice over the next few days.


Very briefly, I am moving and my landlord, the council, is demanding that I take up laminate flooring that was already down when I moved in - otherwise they will bill us to take it up. The stuff is glued down and would be almost impossible to get up.


Despite objections they won't budge. They claim that we accepted it as a "gifted item".


I didn't put the damn stuff in and it is in the same condition as when I moved in. Can they make this demand???


I am fuming with this.

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Your client

Roland195 |

Well I think the only thing

accountant_87 |

Ah, explains everything

Roland195 |

A gift is a gift


Usual rules..

Mike Carter |

Interesting thought

Richard Willis |
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I would guess

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neileg |

Schedule of condition

The Black Knight |

My advice is to

pauljohnston |


John.Cook1820 |

Speak to your local Councillors

moufflon |

The Council trying to get you to take up a floor

business premises advisor |

Prior to moving that place

jakeashton |