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To do or not to do


I have been approached by a client for one off assignment.

They had a company for 7 months. Then they struck off the company. They never received any notification for returns (may be the company was struck off in very short period). The client still holds all the books for the business and wants to complete any returns needs to be doing for that period. But as it was for about 2 years ago and they never received any notification, do we need to submit any returns?


I am not sure if I should call HMRC and ask about the company that does not exist anymore? If any of you had same sort of situation and have any ideas how to deal with this sort of scenario, please show me some direction.


Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards



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You need do nothing

SteveOH |
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There may be trouble ahead

andy.partridge |
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Company no more

ryedaleman |
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Dead Company


not too expensive

Tosie |

Tosie is correct

ShirleyM |
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Why bother


A few thoughts...

simas |